ANCG Digital Torque Wrench

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ANCG Digital Torque Wrench
ANCG Digital Torque Wrench ANCG Digital Torque Wrench ANCG Digital Torque Wrench ANCG Digital Torque Wrench ANCG Digital Torque Wrench ANCG Digital Torque Wrench

About products

Digital display torque meter is a torque monitoring instrument matched with ratchet wrench, which is used for various fastening and disassembly control forces. It has the functionalcharacteristics of simple operation, portable carrying, multi-unit conversion, sound indication, forward and reverse adjustment, etc. It is widely used in automobile, bicycle, various mechanical maintenance industries, ete.

Functions and features

1.Error:2% clockwise and 2.5% counterclockwise.Ideal for intricate automotive, bike, and motorcycle repairs where exact torque is crucial

2.Four torque units:, N.m, Ibf.ft,

3.Sound and light alarm: effectively provide the accuracy and safety of operation

4.Backlight function: It is convenient to read data clearly at night ,easily activate or deactivate the backlight by pressing the "+" and "power" buttons simultaneously, ensuring accurate torque readings in low-light or nighttime conditions with this user-friendly feature.

5.Dual mode operation: real-time mode and peak mode.

6.Complete adapter variety:This set includes 1/2", 1/4", and 3/8" adapters, making it an indispensable tool for a vast range of fasteners, essential in automotive, bicycle, and motorcycle maintenance.

7.Power supply: 2 AAA batteries(not included)

8.Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown without operation for 2 minutes to avoid excessive power consumption.

9.Versatile tool for multiple applications: utilize this digital torque meter as a comprehensive torque gauge adapter or advanced measurement tool, providing reliable results for both amateur and professional projects.

Main body of torque gauge