QSQ Handle Torque Driver

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QSQ Handle Torque Driver
QSQ Handle Torque Driver QSQ Handle Torque Driver QSQ Handle Torque Driver QSQ Handle Torque Driver QSQ Handle Torque Driver QSQ Handle Torque Driver


The handle torque driver is a thread tightening and tightening workpiece for torque requirements.

The product operates counterclockwise and presets the torque value. Screwdriver idle above the set value gives priority to controlling thread tightening.

It is suitable for precision instrument screw locking, circuit board fixing, etc. occasions where there are high requirements for screw locking and high requirements for locking accuracy.

Widely used in various electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, scientific research structure and other industries.


1. The torque value can be preset, and it has a sound alarm prompt. When the tightening torque of the fastener reaches the preset torque value, it can automatically issue a signal "click" sound, accompanied by obvious hand vibration, indicating that the work is completed. After the force is lifted, each related part is automatically reset.

2. Load in clockwise direction, detachable in the opposite direction.

3. The use of straight line scale plus triangular zero point indication, clear and accurate reading.

4. The ball limit is used to prevent the zero point displacement during use.The tick marks have a clear sense of vibration against the positive zero point, indicating that the adjustment is in place.

5, the use of horizontal handle design, easier to load, no need for afterburner, more convenient to use.

6. The joint position connected with the batch head adopts the dual design of magnet and circlip to ensure that the batch head will not fall off during use. Before removing the batch, press the knurled sleeve to separate the caliper from the batch card point, and then pull out the batch head.

7. The torque driver implements the relevant provisions of GB/T 15729-2008.


Model :QSQ3-6

Range 3N.m-6N.m

The indexing value is 0.25N.m

Accuracy ±6%

Dimensions 145*99*31.7

Connector size 6.35 hexagonal

Net weight 167g

Packing list

Torqur driver *1

Open wrench*1

Batch header*4


Package box*1