NK Push Pull Gauge

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NK Push Pull Gauge
NK Push Pull Gauge NK Push Pull Gauge NK Push Pull Gauge NK Push Pull Gauge NK Push Pull Gauge


Analog Force Gauge with compact size,high accuracy,they are easy to operate and handy to carry out,and can show the unit of newton and kilogram at the same time.The PEAK/TRACK knob of it can switch between the peak value load test and the continuous load test.They are excellent products which can take the place of the old style force gauges, and widely applied in electric,high & low voltage electric appliance, hardware,automobile parts,lighter and ignition system,light industry, mechanical,textile and so on industries for test of pull or push load test insertion force or pull and destructive experiment.Please reading the manual carefully before using this instrument


1. The detailed design, easy to carry
2. The operation is simple and can be used combining with all kinds of fixture;
3. The peak value holding function and duration test function switch freely;
4. Newton and kg, according to two units at the same time do not need to unit conversion;
5. Can be installed on a variety of test the machine as a dedicated tester use;